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DIRAK Newsletter September 2022

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DIRAK Newsletter September 2022

In partnership with iLOQ Oy, DIRAK GmbH has developed an RC2 handle for the iLOQ S50 half cylinder that is suitable for mobile access management via NFC. The intelligent latching solution is especially well suited for outdoor applications and provides security for critical infrastructure areas such as energy, supply and telecommunications.


Latching Solution Supports Expansion of Fiber Optics

The new latching solution is already in use at Glasfaser Nordwest. Have a look at our case study and learn about the important factors to consider for telecommunication cabinets:

The DIRAK Swinghandle 2-105 meets the requirements of resistance class 2 in accordance with DIN EN 1630. It is dust and watertight to IP65 in accordance with DIN EN 60529, and thanks to a built-in latch bolt it withstands vandalism damage. To ensure that the half cylinder cannot be used as a climbing aid or step, DIRAK adapted the swinghandle as a special solution so that the handle completely encases the iLOQ half cylinder.


In addition, the iLOQ S50 half cylinder requires neither batteries nor cables.

Full details and additional advantages of the new latching solution can be found in the product launch and on the product page


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