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Bearing Plate RS base

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29 มกราคม 2564

ผู้ชม 4520 ผู้ชม

RH / LH application.
Pre-installation onto swinghandle base by clip-on.
Final fastening by screws.
a) Bearing plate for single-point latching system with PA cam (H20 / H26) for swinghandle base.
Assembly of the cam by bayonet system clicks in audible.
b) Bearing plate with adapter for single- or multi-point locking system for standard cams and 3-point cam adapter.
Cams will be secured by self-securing nut M8 onto the square ( max. bolting torque 4Nm).

Bearing plate and cam: PA, black
Adapter: zinc die, untreated

Independent of panel thickness from 0.5 to 3mm.

Fastening screws included.

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