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Quarter-Turn Polyamide Pr20.1 L18

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รหัส : 1-095
for cutout 20.1, length 18, Polyamide

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  • Polyamide Quarter-turn double insulated.
  • RH or LH application.
  • Pre-assembling by DIRAK is advisable.
  • A pre-assembled Quarter-turn can be installed in the cutout.
  • Water and dust-tight according to IP65 DIN EN 60529 by using: sealing kit 209-9002
  • Water and dust-tight according to IP67 by using: sealing kit 209-9001


  • Housing, insert and cam: PA, black


Housing, PA

  Part Number Housing length Door-thickness Version Grounding type Installation type
a) 200-9077.00-00000 18,0 mm max. 8,0 mm with Nut, PA   screw-on
a) 200-9003.00-00000 18,0 mm max. 8,0 mm  with Nut, steel, zinc plated   screw-on 
a) 200-9044.00-00000 18,0 mm max. 8,0 mm  with Grounding nut, stainless steel Grounding nut screw-on 
a) 200-9064.00-00000 18,0 mm max. 8,0 mm  with Grounding nut (stainless steel), flat external seal, grounding clip Grounding clip screw-on 

Insert with spring washer + screw

  Part Number Insert Material Surface
b) 200-9155.00-00000 Square 7mm PA black
b) 200-9156.00-00000 Square 8mm PA black
b) 200-9158.00-00000 Triangular 8mm PA black
b) 200-9159.00-00000 Double bit 3mm pin PA black
b) 200-9160.00-00000 Double bit 5mm pin PA black
b) 200-9161.00-00000 Slotted 2x4mm PA black
b) 200-9173.00-00000 Wing knob PA black
b) 200-9184.00-00000 Crescent czech PA black
b) 200-9186.00-00000 Slotted recessed coinproof PA black

Cams PA, L45

  Part Number H-dimension Stop Material Surface
c) 200-5318.00-00000 18,0 mm Yes PA black
c) 200-5320.00-00000 20,0 mm Yes PA black
c) 200-5322.00-00000 22,0 mm Yes  PA black
c) 200-5325.00-00000 25,0 mm Yes PA black
c) 200-5328.00-00000 28,0 mm Yes PA black

 Complementary products

c1)1-102 Cams L35/45 steel

 Assembly options

  • 200-0002.00-00000 Assembling cam with o-ring
  • 200-0001.00-00000 Assembling cam without o-ring
  • 200-0019.00-00000 Assembling cam 90° to handle without o-ring
  • 200-0033.00-00000 Assembling cam 90° to handle with o-ring

 Function extension

  • d)-e)209-9001.00-00000 Sealing kit IP67 for 200-Quarter-Turns
  • d)-e)209-9002.00-00000 Sealing kit IP65 for 200-Quarter-Turns
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